Visit Spa Slovenia for Ultimate Rest and Relaxation

Have you always wondered what makes spa Slovenia so popular across the world?

Slovenia may seem like a tiny green dot on the map of the world located right in the middle of Europe. The country continues to amaze tourists as this has been blessed with unspoiled nature and excellent wellness and spa offers. 

Despite its small size, you can find numerous mineral and natural springs no matter where you go in the country. This means that even the most demanding guests can surely find a spa and wellness that suits their taste and preferences.

The Romans were the first ones who recognized the local waters’ health benefits. They were also the ones responsible for the development of highly classy thermal springs, saunas, and spas, some of which continue to be used to this day and age. 

Wellness and spa tourism has enjoyed a long and interesting tradition in the country. The recorded mentions of spas date as far back as the year 1228, while in 1767, the pools that accompany guest homes had their official debut. 

What Makes Spa Tourism Popular in Slovenia?

In this modern day, spa and wellness tourism is the only sector that didn’t suffer from the negative effects of recession. Instead, it continued to develop and grow through the years.

There are actually three key reasons behind this.

First is that spa and wellness offers are always available at your service whatever the weather conditions might be all year round. 

Spa Slovenia - indoor pool
Holidays made of Relax, Wellness and Nature – The spa offer in Slovenian thermal baths is available all year round

Secondly, awareness of a holistic and healthy lifestyle is not only on the rise right now but is also turning into a trend in the new normal. The extensive selection of products, treatments, and exercises from different parts of the world have become easily accessible these days. In fact, it is safe to say that almost everyone has now come to realize the importance of a mind-body wellbeing and balanced diet. 

The third and definitely not the least, the population in Europe is no longer getting older, which means that there is a higher need to solve the health problems related with aging. 

Also, who wouldn’t want to look gorgeous and stay fit for the longest time possible, and feel healthy and strong for life? 

The good news is that you can now make it possible with more than 130 selections of wellness and spa Slovenia that have diverse and exclusive selection of treatments for the body, mind, and beauty. The country serves as the home to around 87 natural thermal springs whose water temperatures range from 32 to 73 degrees Celsius. 

During your visit to the country, you can expect for the best level of pampering and relaxation at these resorts and springs, from cosmetic and aesthetic sessions of sheer pleasure and relaxation to medical therapy that focuses on rehabilitation and convalescence.

If you are still unconvinced, below are some of the top reasons to choose spa Slovenia for enjoyment, relaxation, and better health:

Aquafun for Your Whole Family

Spas in Slovenia have abundant indoor and outdoor water recreation areas perfect for swimming whatever time of the year it might be. Dive into the aquatic world of thermal water parks complete with thrilling water slides and different water attractions that can give a different kind of adventure for you and your whole family. 

Spa Slovenia Aquafun for the whole family
The slides are a delight for every child visiting Spas in Slovenia

Take a Break in the Midst of Nature 

Health resorts and spas take inspiration from nature. After all, it has been tested and proven time and again that using natural healing factors available in the local environment can benefit a person’s overall wellbeing and health.

The healing salt pan mud as well as other peloids that are often enriched with minerals can be used for aesthetic, relaxation, and therapeutic purposes. 

Slovenia-prestige – Thermana Laško

Inhalations of the beneficial aerosols such as herbal inhalations can help clear airways and are perfect for relaxation.

Peat is another priceless treasure of the forested wetlands in the mountains with beneficial effects on different health issues and is often added to baths. 

On the other hand, the gentle breeze of the sea combined with the fresh air from the mountains can have significant positive effects to a person’s improved health and wellbeing. 

Finally, the richness of mineral, thermal, and other types of beneficial waters has already been scientifically proven to boost wellbeing and health. 

Unique Pampering for Everyone of All Ages 

Just about everyone can find something they will love to do and try in a spa Slovenia, letting them switch off even for several hours to fill up their system with fresh energy. There are numerous programs suitable for every individual interest and every generation to ensure that you can have that perfect break, no matter what your age might be.

Slovenian Hospitality at Its Finest 

The health resorts and spas in Slovenia breathe with the surrounding local environment. The locals will be more than happy to share everything they have. You can look forward to a delightful gastronomical treat with a lovely local touch. 

Exciting Outdoor Activities 

Nordic walking, cycling, and running are just some of the many outdoor activities you can try right within the vicinity of health and spa resorts in the country. Spa resorts are surrounded by lush areas that can give you the perfect chance to spend time with your loved ones outside, away from the large crowds and usual activities. 

Pamper Your Body and Relax Your Mind

Listen to your body, yourself, and the voice within you. Treat yourself to an exciting journey of the senses as you pamper yourself in a spa and wake up with the spirit of wellness and contentment with yourself. 

Guaranteed Safety

Slovenian health resorts and spas are more than aware that trust is extremely important. This is the reason why they make sure that they comply with all the recommendations for hygiene protocols and standards to make you experience utmost safety. 

The next time you want to feel guide and experience the benefits for your body and mind, visiting the best spa in Slovenia can surely give you all these amazing treats and more!

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