Spas in Slovenia

Despite its small size, you can find numerous mineral and natural springs wherever you go in Slovenia. Even the most demanding guests can surely find a spa suited to the degree of well-being that satisfies their tastes and preferences.

The Romans were the first to recognize the health benefits of local waters. They were also responsible for the development of thermal springs and high-class saunas and spas, some of which continue to be used today.

Spa-based wellness tourism has enjoyed a long and interesting tradition in Slovenia: documented citations of spas date back to the year 1228 and we are certain that as early as 1767 there was their official debut in wellness packages offering spa baths and accommodation. .

What makes spas popular in Slovenia?

Nowadays, spa and wellness tourism is the only sector that has not suffered the negative effects of the recession. Instead, it has continued to develop and grow over the years.

There are actually three key reasons behind this.

The first is that spa and wellness offerings are always available, regardless of the weather, throughout the year.

Second, awareness of a holistic and healthy lifestyle is not only on the rise right now, but it is also turning into a new normal. The wide selection of products, treatments, and exercises from different parts of the world has become easily accessible thanks to the internet and this new awareness is becoming popular everywhere. In fact, it can be said with certainty that by now almost everyone has understood the importance of mind-body well-being and a balanced diet.

Third and certainly not least: the population in Europe is getting older and older, which means there is a greater need to solve aging-related health problems.

Slovenian spa offer for health and relaxation
The population in Europe is getting older and older and they enjoy the Slovenian spa offer for health and relaxation.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to look gorgeous and keep fit for as long as possible, and feel healthy and strong throughout their life?

What does the spa offer in Slovenia consist of

The Slovenian spa offer consists of over 130 wellness and spa alternatives that offer a diverse and exclusive selection of treatments for the body, mind, and beauty. The country is home to about 87 natural hot springs whose water temperatures range from 32 to 73 degrees Celsius, each of which is easily accessible from the various hotels and spas that have been built around it.

wellness tourism for well-being and health
Spa and wellness tourism has continued to develop and grow over the years.

Slovenia is more than just spas

Although the spas are among the most attractive tourist offers, they are certainly not the only incentive for a wellness stay in the country.

Acquafun for your whole family

Spas in Slovenia have abundant indoor and outdoor water recreation areas perfect for swimming at any time of the year. The whole family can immerse themselves in the aquatic world of thermal parks, complete with exciting water slides and various attractions that can offer a different adventure even to the little ones.

 Slovenian spa offer for Families

A break in the middle of nature

Wellness centers and spas are inspired by nature. After all, it has been tested and proven time and time again that using natural healing factors available in the local environment can benefit a person’s overall health and well-being.

wellness for aesthetic, relaxing, and therapeutic purposes.
In wellness salt mud and other peloids often enriched with minerals can be used for aesthetic, relaxing, and therapeutic purposes.

Salt mud and other peloids often enriched with minerals can be used for aesthetic, relaxing, and therapeutic purposes.

Beneficial aerosol inhalations such as herbal inhalations can help clear the airways and are perfect for relaxation.

Peat is another priceless treasure of forested mountain wetlands with beneficial effects on various health problems and is often added to baths.

On the other hand, the gentle sea breeze combined with fresh mountain air can have important positive effects on improving a person’s health and well-being.

Slovenian hospitality at its best

Spas in Slovenia go hand in hand with the surrounding local environment and the kindness of its population. The locals will be more than happy to share their culture and traditions with you.

What are you waiting for to organize your trip?

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