Best time to sail in Croatia

Are you planning for a Croatia yacht tour? If the answer is yes, this blog can be helpful, whether you are a novice sailor or a pro. Herein, you will discover the best time to sail in Croatia.

Croatia is among the best tourist destinations to explore by sea. The beauty of this Europe’s sailing destination lies in various sailing playgrounds, myriad islands, beautiful scenery, unspoiled bays, and cool, clear, and clean waters.  Sailing in Croatia is economical and safe, both at sea and onshore.  If you are a first-time sailor, the best way to enjoy your Croatia yacht tour is by chartering a boat with a skilled skipper to move around the close islands. Those willing to learn sailing or further their skills can spend a better part of their vocation at sailing schools offering related courses. Sailors in need of security and group sailing can join a flotilla holiday.

Where to tour in Croatia

With everything in place, you need to know the best sailing playgrounds in Croatia before leaving your home country.  Croatia has 2,000 islands, reefs, and islets that can feed your eyes throughout your stay in the country. There are also anchorages and mainland ports that will give you a reason to come back to Croatia for more vacations. Among the places to tour include the Kvarner Bay and Istrian peninsula found in North Croatia. These areas have a rich culture and gastronomy that can add fun to your vacation if studying the relationship between various foods and cultures is your area of interest. 

Sailing in Croatia - Kornati
Sailing in Kornati, Croatia

Another destination is the Kornati, which harbors a section of tranquil wilderness. This area has 152 islands, rocks, and islets. The Kornati can be accessed using the Marina stationed at Biograd, Murter, and Zadar. Although sailing around this playground can be challenging because of rocks, the area is peaceful and quiet, with notable restaurants that offer exceptional services to the passing sailors and passengers. 

If exploring waterfalls is important, visit Skradinis ACI Marina found along River Krka, South Croatia.  There are fishing villages around the river, harboring Tribunj Marina and Marina Fapa.  Those who choose this destination get world-class services from the Turkish-owned D-resort, Croatia’s leading dedicated superyacht marina located near Sibenik.  Croatian sailing (more information at playgrounds are not complete without the Dalmatian Coast, found in south Croatia. 

This area has ancient city ruins, concealed beaches, and coves; thus, known as the nautical paradise. Dalmatian coast has islands including Hvar, Brac, Korcula, and Vis. These islands are closely located making accessing them easy. Although the Dalmatian coast is ideal for all ages, many of its visitors are young adults because of the nightlife and notable routes. Peljesac, located south of Croatia, towards Montenegro, is another sailing playground worth your attention.  However, this superyacht destination is ideal for experienced sailors given its weather conditions that may be harsh for neophyte sailors.

When to tour the Above Sailing Regions

Sailing in Croatia begins in April and ends in October. If you plan for a sailing trip, take advantage of shoulder months (April and May) for a better experience. In these shoulder seasons, temperatures rise steadily in the long days. Moreover, the visitors are few at various sailing playgrounds, allowing you to interact with locals and grab better sailing prices. The peak season sets in from June to August.

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This season is known for high temperatures and warm waters.  Daytime temperatures increase in late July and early August. The results for this are increased charter prices and mooring fees. If you want to travel and sail in the busy season, book a yacht and hotel in advance to avoid spending more. September to October is the best time to sail in Croatia.  The waters are still warm with steady weather, but the visitors are few in the marinas, islands, and cities.  In late September, the yacht prices may fall more than 30 % below the peak.

The Bottom Line

Croatia is among the greatest and affordable sailing destinations. Sailing in this country begins in April and ends in October. The offseason (April and May) has low crowds and fair sailing prices.

Sailing in Hvar, Croatia
Best time to sail in Hvar, Croatia is late September and October

The peak season (July, August, and mid-September) has more visitors, and prices may increase. In late September and October, general prices reduce because of dissipated crowds. This is the best time to sail in Croatia.

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