Holidays made of Relax, Wellness and Nature

As we all know, the main purpose of a holiday is to let us switch off. We are more and more overwhelmed by our everyday life. It is full of frenetic rhythms, stress, and problems and, as much as we regret to admit it, we are also coming out of two very long years of the pandemic. We are therefore full of tension, a bit bruised, with little trust in the world. At the same time, however, we can’t wait to go out, relax, and reconnect with nature and with ourselves. And what is the best way to do it if not carve out a few days of cool down immersed in nature? In our opinion, Slovenian spas are the perfect destination to recharge and we are here to explain why.

Slovenian Spas and Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia is a “personal” destination, a place to slow down and reconnect with nature and yourself. Being one of the greenest countries in the world, with over 50% of the protected territory, Slovenia is also extremely careful in using its natural beauty to its advantage. The thermal and mineral springs shape many of the thermal offerings, as well as the local natural healing ingredients: honey, salt, herbs, flora, fauna, mud, or peat. It is an area rich in biodiversity, breathtaking landscapes, and unspoiled nature, one step away from cities full of beauty and complete with every service. A paradise for recharging your batteries and being close to everything and away from everyone.

Slovenian spas are the perfect destination
Slovenian spas are the perfect destination to recharge, relax, and reconnect with nature.

Furthermore, Slovenia is one of the most famous countries for its thermal waters, which have been known for millennia for their healing properties. Today, the spas not only represent an opportunity for regeneration but also for fun and lightheartedness. Spa hotels in Slovenia challenge each other by offering the most modern massage techniques and beauty treatments like milk and honey massages and facials, tailor-made therapies, and, last but not least, the most delicious local and international dishes to be enjoyed after a day of complete relaxation. The tourist offer is also extremely varied and suitable for every type of pocket. Many of the hotels with spas or close to natural ones with free access offer both luxury and economic options, and some even have camping sites so you can enjoy nature fully. We will not list them, but we will let you choose the best spa hotel for your next vacation in Slovenia.

Slovenian spas and thermal water

Slovenian thermal spas are therefore the best way to regenerate your body and spirit. However, not everyone knows that escaping into nature to indulge in a thermal bath is an ancient habit. In fact, thermal springs, especially natural ones, enjoy ancient history all over the world and Slovenia is certainly no exception.

Thermal water for happiness and well-being
Thermal water helps stimulate the release of endorphins, giving us a natural breath of happiness and well-being.

In fact, the thermal springs were already exploited by the ancient Romans, and from 1840 thermal baths in special structures were used for the well-being of the nobility, while the populace enjoyed those in open spaces and with free access.

The thermal water flows from the springs at the ideal temperatures of 38.4 ° and 36.4 °, a panacea for joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism, and skin diseases. But even if we disregard physical well-being, let’s remember that a hot bath helps stimulate the release of endorphins, giving us a natural breath of happiness and well-being.

Slovenian spas, the best time to visit them

If you are thinking that hot thermal water is only useful in winter, you are wrong. In fact, we do not deny the absolute relief of a good hot bath when it is cold or, even worse, humid outside. Slovenian spas are good in any season, especially in summer. In fact, do you know that the skin gets the most refreshing benefits in a thermal bath, especially in spring and summer?

You can enjoy the hot thermal water and all its benefits in Terme Laško – Thermal Center Thermana Park with pools, whirlpools, and slides

Among the countless beneficial properties of thermal water, one of the most important is certainly that of being an excellent moisturizer, especially in the hot season. The thermal water spray (it is something that really exists on the market) is sprayed on the face to moisturize the skin and put to the test by the heat, providing a supply of support water and thus making the skin more elastic and soft. Likewise, natural thermal water has immediate refreshing effects and is therefore the ideal solution to bring relief (not only to the skin) on long hot summer days.

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