Practice Ayurveda to Find Peace and Health During Your Travel

There is always something exciting about traveling as it gives you the chance to create new memories you will treasure for life. One aspect of all the fun is the anticipation of waiting for the day to finally come when it is time for you to board the plane or hit the road to your dream getaway. 

However, traveling can also take its toll not only on your body but also on your mind. But by following Ayurveda practices, you can look forward to a unique travel experience like no other. …

Visit Spa Slovenia for Ultimate Rest and Relaxation

Have you always wondered what makes spa Slovenia so popular across the world?

Slovenia may seem like a tiny green dot on the map of the world located right in the middle of Europe. The country continues to amaze tourists as this has been blessed with unspoiled nature and excellent wellness and spa offers. 

Despite its small size, you can find numerous mineral and natural springs no matter where you go in the country. This means that even the most demanding guests can surely find a spa and wellness that suits their taste and preferences.…

Best time to sail in Croatia

Are you planning for a Croatia yacht tour? If the answer is yes, this blog can be helpful, whether you are a novice sailor or a pro. Herein, you will discover the best time to sail in Croatia.

Croatia is among the best tourist destinations to explore by sea. The beauty of this Europe’s sailing destination lies in various sailing playgrounds, myriad islands, beautiful scenery, unspoiled bays, and cool, clear, and clean waters.  Sailing in Croatia is economical and safe, both at sea and onshore.  If you are a first-time sailor, the best way to enjoy your Croatia …

Why Does the World Need World Maps?

Have you ever wondered why world maps are still necessary when you can just use GPS? Do maps still come in handy today?

Just so you know, there are actually so many reasons why maps still matter even in this day and age. For many centuries, maps have been offering mankind with that important knowledge necessary for decision-making.

Maps first appeared on clay tablets, mammoth tusks, and cave walls before explorers started drawing maps on paper as humans start understanding the shape of the world. 

Right now, advanced GIS or Geographic Information Systems combining complex visualization and math lets …

Best Japanese Cities According to Locals

There are just so many incredible things about Japan. From their compelling culture, scenic historical destinations, to their mouthwatering food, you can never go wrong wherever you decide to go. But, according to locals, the following Japanese cities are the best and here are the reasons why!


The capital of Japan for more than a thousand years, the city of Kyoto has maintained its alluring beauty as it also embraces and welcomes more contemporary trends. Locals agree that the city is cool as it provides easy access to many other equally stunning destinations.

The classic and beautiful city …

Great Wall of China Dos and Don’ts

The impressive Great Wall of China spreads across a distance of 20,000 kilometers from Gobi Desert in the west to the Yellow Sea in the east. This is the longest wall in the world and is also one of the planet’s most famous attractions. 

Built more than 2,300 years ago, this wall listed as a UNESCO site has a width of 7 meters and a height of 6 to 14 meters with more than 25,000 battlements that snake a path along thick forests and steep mountain ridges. 

Unlike what most people believe, the wall is not really a continuous …

Is Miramare Castle a Fairy Tale or a Nightmare?

Miramare Castle and its stunning garden is nestled on Gulf of Trieste and offers visitors a scenic environment that abounds in the beauty of nature and is rich in history. Aside from the majestic views and imperial rooms, the waters around the castle also serve as a marine reserve. But, beyond what meets the eye, this castle is also filled with mystery that makes it a beauty to behold and a haunted place to avoid at the same time. 

Castles have long been associated with fairy tales as well as myths and legends of the distant past. To this …

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