Prague is a beautiful city, through which flows the river Vltava. Although Prague is the political center of Czech Republic, the capital and largest city in the country, the most important activity in the city is certainly tourism.

Nearly 1000 hectares of Prague’s old city center is protected by UNESCO as world’s cultural heritage. No wonder, that many tourists come to Prague every year to admire the cultural heritage, which was left by hardworking hands.

The Golden Prague

Title Golden Prague is not the only title that this beautiful city received in its history. The city certainly won’t disappoint anyone. Every visitor should definitely see a Hradčany palace and famous bridges across the river Vltava, especially infamous Charles Bridge, which was set by Charles IV, after which it got its name. St. Vitus Cathedral and Karlštejn Castle, magnificent fortress above the forested valley of the Berounka river, were also built during his reign.


Architecture lovers will surely come to their own, because Prague offers some worldwide known products. Prague is marked with architectural products of Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, whose products can be admired also in Vienna and Ljubljana.

Prague has developed slowly, the city was formed in similar way as many other cities across Europe, by merging some small towns, villages and later even pilot settlements. Today, Prague has more than 1.2 million inhabitants, of which nearly 50,000 are students, because Prague is also University City.

Transport across Prague is possible by tram, which runs over more than 130 kilometers of trails, even far away from the city centre. Although the fast metro has only 40 stations deep under the city center, it transports one-third of all passengers.

Central Palace

If Prague is your travel destination, you must see central palace and at least one of many castles. Take a walk along the river Vltava or take a ride on it with a boat. You can also have a lunch on which of them.

You are welcome in Prague in every time in the year and continental climate gives you four conspicuous seasons. In winter you can enjoy the view of nearby hills, yet in summer you can taste a good beer in the city centre or in one of many pubs along the river Vltava.

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