Are you ready for an ultimate canyoning Bovec experience?

With canyoning Bovec, we are offering you an ultimate adventure in one of the most beautiful Slovenia rivers, the emerald Soča River. You will get to experience the amazing scenery of the Kozjak waterfall, one of the top five must-see waterfalls while on holidays in our beautiful country.

Are you ready to jump into beautiful emerald pools, slide on narrow natural slides, through tunnels, created over centuries by pure, cold Kozjak stream? Yes? Then canyoning Bovec is a trip for you.

Canyoning Bovec

Canyoning Bovec will be even better, if you take several friends with you. It is also a great start to a bachelor or bachelorette party. Do not worry, photos of adventure in Altitude Activities Company are included in the price, however, you will not be able to describe the real beauty of this place to someone who has not been here.

Canyoning Bovec and Soča River

After approximately 70 min drive, we will arrive to one of the hidden pearls of Slovenia. The so-called Soča Region, with the most unspoilt nature and a paradise for all adrenaline lovers.

Canyoning Bovec

This is the place where our canyoning Bovec experience takes to another level. Full of adrenaline, gorgeous unspoilt nature, mountains, emerald rivers and numerous waterfalls, pastures with “Buška wca” sheep…. you will fall in love with this place.

Let us enjoy an adventure

Canyoning Bovec really is the topping on the cake of our offer. However, canyoning Bovec is not recommended for heart fainted, nor for pregnant women or people with heart issues. Youngsters that are lower than 120 cm can unfortunately not join us. However, do not be disappointed, our agency offers plenty of other activities apart from canyoning Bovec, which would be suitable for you. Please, check our offer or ask one of our guides to advise you on the best thrilling experience we can offer.

Grab your swimsuit and towel and join us at canyoning Bovec!

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