The World’s Best Fishing Spots to Find Catfish

From Flathead and Channel, to huge Wels catfish, this specie has always been one of the favourites among anglers. 

These opportunistic feeders can be caught on a variety of baits, with heavy tackle, but where to go to find them?

Here is a list of the best catfish fishing locations in the world!

Mississippi river – USA

This river, from Illinois to Louisiana, is home to Channel and Flathead catfish, but anglers go there mostly for some enormous specimens of Blue catfish, often exceeding 100 pounds.

Catfishing in Mississippi river
Catfishing in Mississippi river (Illinois to Louisiana)

In 2005, a catfish weighing 124 pounds was caught in the river, and at that time, it was a record-breaking size in the area. 

From May until mid-September, Blue catfish tend to be very active in the Lower Mississippi, and according to the locals, they are big fans of nightcrawlers as baits. 

Ebro river – Spain

Ebro river attracts anglers from all over the world, thanks to the enormous specimens of Wels and Channel catfish. 

When choosing a perfect spot along the river you can’t go wrong, as the river is full of life.

Catfishing in Spain; Ebro river
Catfishing in Spain – Ebro river

If you want to catch a catfish of a lifetime, consider river banks near Mequineza village, where the monster Wels are living. Catfishing in Spain is truly unique experience. 

Mekong river – Thailand

If you are a true adventure seeker, you should visit northern Thailand.

Exotic wilderness and scenic landscapes may look like a nice vacation spot, but if you are lucky enough to get one of the Mekong giant catfish to take your bait, you are in for a hard and long fight. Even the medium-sized Mekong giant catfish are enormous when compared to other catfish species. A world-record has been set here in 2005, when the local fishermen caught 646-pound catfish.

Video: Giant catfish Mekong River ThaiLand – Fish monster hunting

This place offers a pure adrenalin rush and it is a real test of your skills. 

Orange river – South Africa

This place is one of those locations that recently started gaining popularity among anglers.

Previously underrated, Orange river is home to Sharptooth catfish and some specimens may grow quite big. If you are up for a real challenge, you may try fly fishing for catfish, commonly practiced by local anglers. Fly fishing is not the first technique you would consider when going catfishing, but give it a try.

You can always switch to a more conventional gear and catch one of the larger specimens. 

Saante cooper lakes – USA

This location consists of two lakes, called Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion. Locations are easily accessible, very popular among locals, and unlike some of the previously mention rivers, these lakes are suitable for beginners too. Catfish species available are Blue, Flathead, White, and Channel. Fishing is possible year-round. 

An interesting fact about this location is that Santee rig, popular rig for catfishing, got its name because of anglers using it while catfishing on these lakes. 


All of the places mentioned above are unique and special in a certain way. If you are a passionate catfish angler, try to visit at least one of those and enjoy the catfish fishing adventure. 

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