10 Interesting Facts About England!

Are you ready to explore this unique country?

Do you think that you know everything about the “land of Angles”? Do you know that England became a motherland of many prominent inventors after the Industrial Revolution during the end of 18th and early 19th centuries?

Well, below is unusual information about the UK that can surprise you!

1. Can you imagine that Englishmen drink 20 times more tea than Americans or any other people in our planet do? Actually they have been drinking tea since the 17th century.
2. Do not believe people who say that Big Ben is just a clock. It is the bell which has 13 tons. The tower is called St. Stephen.
3. Do you know how London was called in the past? No? Let’s find out. During the Roman Invasion it was Londonium, in Saxon times – Ludenwic, and Ludenburg while the reign of Alfred the Great.
4. The London Eye or Energy London Eye is proclaimed to be the highest observation wheel of the whole planet. It is 135 m high!
5. The British Museum houses different treasures which help to understand and learn the past over two million years.
6. 4 World Heritage Sites like the Palace of Westminster, Maritime Greenwich, Kew Botanical Gardens and amazing Tower of London are all located in one city – London.
7. Did you know that London was the first city in the planet with an underground subway system, opened in January 1863 between Paddington and Farringdon?
8. Near 200 bridges and 20 tunnels cross Thames river which has 215 miles and is the longest river in England and the second in the UK.
9. Why the famous secret agent “007” has got such mysterious numbers instead of the name? The author, Ian Fleming, actually used the bus route from Canterbury to London to name his hero!
10. Angel station in London has the longest escalators on the Underground and the third one in Western Europe. The vertical rise is 27 m, a length is 60 m. It was given such a name after a public house well-known as Angel inn in 1638.


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Author Bio: Lily Berns is a traveling expert. She travels all around the world and writes her reviews and comments about the different destination spots.

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