Enough with the sea or mountain: this year, choose the cave

If the usual holiday at sea or in the mountains has bored you and you don’t feel like doing trivial activities even at the river or lake, we recommend the cave. This year we focus on originality and allow ourselves a different, fun and educational journey to learn more about that part of nature that is a little too neglected by the classic routes. And we don’t want to offer you a trip to just any caves, we recommend the Postojna caves: a feast for the eyes and a unique, one of a kind experience.

Why choose the Postojna Cave

If you have decided to visit Slovenia, do it! It is truly a beautiful land. And a visit to these caves  certainly cannot be missed. The Postojna Caves are in fact one of the main Slovenian attractions and are not even very far from Ljubljana, the capital.

Concert hall in Postojna Cave
Concert hall in Postojna Cave

They are also located about ten kilometers from the suggestive Predjama castle, another gem of this area. You are therefore close to one of the most beautiful architectural structures in the country and very close to the capital and its amenities. So wear your shoes and let’s get ready to discover this very special itinerary.

The caves of Postumia

If you are expecting a classic walk among the rocks, we are sorry for you: arriving at the Postojna Cave will be like disembarking on another planet. You will not be able to reach it by car or by bike but there will be a special train that will accompany you. At that point a guide will accompany you through tunnels crowned by stalagmites, salt caves and imposing columns. It is a relatively short path, it is about 5km of cave, so bring a drink and always wear comfortable shoes, suitable for the terrain.

Postojna Cave, Slovenia – Real life baby dragons!

The columns deserve a more detailed description: they even reach 5 meters and are structures that have been formed over millions of years. Entering the Postojna caves is a bit like entering a history book: only the stone will tell it.

Another thing worth mentioning is the area of ​​the caves which is called the nursery. Inside, in fact, you can tighten the fin to the only inhabitant of the Postojna Caves: Proteus, colloquially called the human fish. It is a small invertebrate that inhabits karst undergrounds and which, over the centuries, has perfectly adapted to the environment, not needing light even for an entire century.

We do not deny that it can be a tiring journey. However, the view is so beautiful that missing it would be a real shame. In short, if you do not go there you will regret it.

The surroundings of the Postojna Caves: Predjama Castle

We are very sure that the rock has conquered you but if this visit to the caves was not enough, know that in the Postojna complex there is another fantastic attraction, partly rocky, that you must absolutely see.

We are talking about the Predjama castle, very close to the Postojna caves and partly nestled in the mountain. It is not a recent construction, the age of the castle is around 800 years and it is a real feast for the eyes.

Predjama Castle
Predjama castle is very close to the Postojna caves

If the outside has struck you, well, get ready: the inside can also be visited.

The interior of the castle is a labyrinth of rooms full of history. The Castle has in fact become famous thanks to the Slovenian hero who lived there, resisting a year-long siege inside.

The armory, one of the largest rooms together with the lounge, also allows you to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Slovenia, overlooking hills and a blue sky that you will not find even in the most famous paintings. The castle is also home to a whole series of hidden passages that lead to the caves but can only be visited at certain times of the year so as not to disturb the hibernation of the countless bats that inhabit them.

Traveling to the Postojna caves

If you are traveling from Italy, the best way to reach Postojna and its caves is to arrive by plane to the Trieste airport and then take a car and drive to Postojna. Not only because the Slovenian roads are very well organized but also because the view is so beautiful that you will love driving a few kilometers. Both the destination and the journey are absolutely worth it.

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