Vacationing in California

Planning a vacation in California can be a lot of fun, especially if you are heading there in the winter from a northern location. Going anywhere that offers fun in the sun can be a nice change from a cold and dreary winter, and California is famous for its warm temperatures year round. However, just like planning a vacation to anywhere else in the world, you’ll need to know what to look for in California to get the best trip possible for the money you have. By doing some research and planning ahead, you can have an amazing winter getaway that will be one of the best vacations you ever take in your life.


One of the most important factors when choosing where you want to vacation in California will be the climate. Though most of the state enjoys above average temperatures during the winter because of the Pacific Ocean’s Jetstream, the climate will be much milder the further north you travel. To enjoy the warmest temperatures possible, you should try to go to the southern section of California where it is always the nicest during the winter. One of the most popular places to go is Los Angeles, but going further south to San Diego will offer even better temperatures.


California offers many great experiences to their visitors, but one of the things that they are famous for is their amazing nightlife. There are an endless amount of bars right along the beaches, and the bottle service at their nightclubs can offer you a fantastic evening for the lowest possible prices. Choosing a nightclub to visit while on your vacation can be a little tricky, so you should do some research online to find out what type of clientele frequent a given establishment. If you want a club with a lot of energy, you should look for one that is popular with a younger crowd. If you want something more laid back, you should choose one with an old customer base.


The other important factor for choosing where to go on your vacation to California is the beaches. Other than hanging out in your hotel room and enjoying the nightlife scene, the vast majority of your time in California will likely be spent soaking up the sun on a beach. Much like the climate, the best beaches for this are going to be in the southern part of the state near Los Angeles and San Diego. The beaches in the northern part of the state offer some amazing views, but during the winter they are a little too cold for sunbathing.

By remembering these three key factors when planning your trip, you can ensure that your vacation in California will be the best it possibly can be. Escaping the cold winter for a week or two can be an amazing treat as long as you know where to go. Luckily, with all the great travel resources available on the internet, knowing where the best beach resorts and nightclubs are in your chosen area is as easy as reading a couple of user reviews.

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