Should you spend the night when climbing mount Triglav?

Mount Triglav is the pride of Slovenia and there is the unwritten rule that you are not a true Slovenian until you have completed climbing mount Triglav. However, there are many paths available for climbing mount Triglav and, depending on your physical condition and time available; you can choose trips that take you from one to three days. Single-day trips are usually quite demanding and intended for people in very good physical shape. When choosing a two or three day trip for climbing mount Triglav, there are several alpine cottages available for staying one or two nights.

What is the most important thing about accommodation when climbing mount Triglav?

Some planning is needed when climbing mount Triglav on a two or three day trip as the starting point would usually determine the options for accommodation in an alpine cottage on the way towards or returning from Triglav. It is also good to consider membership in one of the associations which usually include significant discounts for alpine cottages when climbing mount Triglav or any other mountain in Slovenia which would require to spend the night in the beautiful Slovenian alpine scenery. If you wish to spend the night as close to the peak of mount Triglav, you can choose between Kredarica and Planika cottages which are right under the peak, depending on the origin or destination of the trip. It is also worthy to consider that Kredarica cottage is more available from the northern side which provides single-day demanding trips, and Planika is on the southern side and more suitable for longer, two or three day trips for climbing mount Triglav. It is also worth mentioning some other alpine cottages that are a bit further from the peak, but still an option to choose from on the conquest of the highest mountain in Slovenia. But those cottages can be considered an option only for certain trails as they are further away. Kredarica and Planika can however be selected from almost any side and trail of the mountain.

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