Portorož is the name for elite coastal tourism. The word about how great it is started spreading already in the 13th century, when it started to develop as a SPA tourist destination, it became more elite-centered after 1960, when all the renovations began and all the tourist infrastructure was build.

Elite Coastal Tourism

Portorož is a great coastal destination on the Slovenian coast. It is a part of the Piran municipality and it’s roots started in the roman times. Today you can see a salt warehouse and the Maritime High school, but underneath it were found remains of a small port and a fish farm.

Later in the history Porotorž saw the Byzantine, Lombard and Slavic inhabitants move in and out, and it started to cooperate with the Venice republic, and this resulted into Benedictines  moving into the city. They build the first Benedictine monasteries in the town and the church of St. Mary of the Rose in the 13th century. The church gave its name to the port nearby that was called Portus sanctae Mariae de Rosae, and it probably gave its name to the town later on. Portorož was known as a healing town already in the 13th century. The Benedictines used the healing salt and mud from the Salina to heal different diseases. Even more written evidence on how they healed rheumatism were found from the 17th century.

Inhabitants of Porotorž and surrounding colonies used what the nature and the sea gave to them. Next to fishing and salt-making, shipbuilding, brickery and other craftsmanships developed.


Palace Hotel

Portorož began developing into a tourist site already in the 1865, when a Swiss trader started renting rooms for over 200 people, but the important and big hotels were build after 1890, that also meant, that public beaches were open. The finest hotel in Portorož was build in 1910 and was called the hotel Palace cur Hotel, but was latter called just the Palace hotel. It was renovated from the bottom up and is now a Kempinski Palace hotel.


There are over 20 big hotels in Portorož, a casino, pools and spas, public and private beaches and a port. Portorož is one of the cutest and elites tourist destinations in Slovenia that should not be missed by any tourist traveling to Slovenia.


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