Barcelona is one of the biggest towns on the Iberian peninsula. It is also the most visited town and not only in the region but Barcelona is probably the most visited town in the Mediterranean.

Trade Center

Barcelona is also probably the most important trade center in the Mediterranean, it is a extremely important port that is growing to be one of the most important European ports. You can travel fast and conveniently from Barcelona to other towns in Spain, but also to France, Italy, north Africa and the tourist favorite relaxing point, the Balearic Islands. If you travel to Barcelona, you will land on the second largest airport in Spain, located on the outskirts of the city. Madrid is the only biggest airport, but this is understandable, because Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Barcelona on the other hand is the capital of the most eastern Spanish autonomous community, called Catalonia, on the French border.

The border is really close to the town and you can travel to France in a a short car trip, and Barcelona has a great connection to other major towns on the North, East and West. This is also the reason, that the developed in the past and that people still pick it as the city to move into. Barcelona is home to more than a million and a half, but if you also take all the outskirts into account, the number increases three times. The whole Catalonia region, no matter that it is only the sixth biggest in Spain, has more than seven million inhabitants.


Christopher Columbus

The history of the town Barcelona is tightly tied to Old Greece, but partly also to Carthaginian and the Imperial Rome. Later the Muslim tribes arrived, but lost the last battles before 1500 and left. Barcelona and the rest of Spain sailed to America and colonized the new world. If you visit the boardwalk in Las Ramblas, and if you are in Barcelona, you should not miss it, you can still see a statue of Columbus in the port.

Barcelona is also a fair town, that has also hosted the World expo in 1888. On the outskirts of the town starts the world famous Montjuic, the beautiful green hill, that hosts different excellent Museums, the new Olimpia stadium and other important sports facilities, that were build the the Olympic games, hosted in Barcelona in 1992.

From here you can take the lift directly to the main port of Barcelona, where you can admire the see life in a modern aquarium or take a walk around the wold trade center or see and taste different quinsies that are indigenous to the part of Spain.

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