Why Hire A Gulet To Explore Turkey This Summer

This summer why not explore Turkey from a completely different angle. Instead of staying in a hotel or an apartment why not hire a gulet through Goolets. If you do you will wake up each morning to a completely different view, because the vessel can be travelled along the Turkish coastline whilst you sleep.

However if you haven’t considered such a holiday before we offer some reasons below why you should be considering such now.

When you book your holiday with Goolets.com you have the chance to hire one of over 500 gulet type vessels that they have available. So finding one that not only meets your particular needs but also your budget won’t be at all difficult.

The second reason why you should consider booking such a holiday this coming summer is that there are many different routes that the vessel can take. So you can choose either to explore areas that are already popular or choose to explore parts of the Turkish coastline that very rarely get any visitors.

If you are worried about not having any experience of sailing then don’t be. As every gulet hired comes with its own crew, there is the captain who will take the vessel where you want. Plus on board there is a chef who will create some amazing meals for you and the rest of your guests. Then there is the waiter who ensures that the food is delivered on time and will provide you with any other refreshments you require during your holiday.

As the gulet makes its way along the Turkish coastline you can ask the captain to drop anchor whenever you wish. This means if you spot a village that you would like to explore further then you can do so. Simply ask the captain to stop and he will then arrange for you to be taken ashore.

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