Venice, the fairy town, filled with romance, floating on water. The city of love and eternal romance. It’s Venice!

120 islands and 400 bridges

The story tells, that Venice was founded by refugees, fleeing from the Huns army to the small islands. Around 120 islands is today linked with around 400 bridges. The islands are now separated with 170 canals, that you can enjoy with a boat, small cruise ship, but the biggest and most famous canal can be also used even by the biggest cruise ships. But you can only feel the real spirit of Venice, if you see it from a gondola, a special local rowing boat. Gondoliers, that will take you around Venice, dressed in traditional gowns and with a traditional smile on their face. If you are lucky, they will also sing for you and your company.

Traveling to Venice is simple, you can take a bus or a fast train. If you travel longer distances, you should land on the Marco Polo airport, that is located less than 10 kilometers from Venice and then take a boat, that operates as a public transport. If you will travel by car, you can park in one of many parking houses.

Different hotels are located in Venice, and you won’t have any problems finding a vacancy, except if you travel to Venice with thousands of tourists, that visit Venice to see the famous Venice festival. It is a good idea to rent a room in Venice, because all the major sightseeing places will be just around the corner. Or you can look for a small or big hotel around Venice, on mainland, a lot of them in the direction of Treviso.


Piazza San Marco

Venice invites you all year around, and even people, that claim to know Venice, find interesting new things every time. Just walk the small streets away from the famous tourist places, like the Piazza San Marco, Rialto bridge, Doge’s Palace or the Basilica de San Marco. These places are packed with tourists all year around, that means that you will have to wait in lines to enter some of the museums, palaces or churches, even several hours or reserve a place in advance.

Venice is a town of more than a quarter of million inhabitants, but it can show you even more. Most people enjoy most, when they can see the small streets, marvelous buildings, bridges, squares, churches or monasteries in peace, without the company of tourists.


There are literally thousands of small islands, to which you can travel by boat lines, marked with numbers like buses. The most famous is the Murano island, where you will be astonished by famous glassblowers. A Murano glass souvenir is a piece that you have to take home, next to the Venice carnival masks, that you can buy in all different shapes, colors, sizes and made from different materials.

If you like the feeling of a busy street, Venice will become your favorite city at your first visit. When you are leaving the town, don’t forget to look back, just to have a nice memory of the beautiful town.

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