Tips for Travel to London – A Top City for 2013

London is the capital and the largest city in the UK and it has been a cultural important settlement for more than two thousand years. This fascinating city was founded by the Romans and the stories of all that have happened here could fill an entire library. From the English Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution to the modern punk scene to the Medieval era, London has transformed and changed over the ages and offered up an every changing influence of entertainment, education, politics, media, arts and fashion. It’s an exciting city to visit and there is always something interesting happening when you travel to London.

Where is London?

London is located in Southern England, in the United Kingdom. It can be reached via car, train or bus from mainland Europe. It is also an air travel hub and there are many cheap flights from destinations such as Hong Kong to London. You will find the cheapest flights to London when you are booking air tickets with an experienced travel agent.

Sightseeing Attractions in London

When you visit London you will have no shortage of iconic buildings and monuments to visit. Take a walk down to Buckingham Palace at 11:30am on any day during your visit to watch the changing of the guard. Also, don’t miss the quintessential London photograph of Big Ben along the shores of the River Thames. Another popular attraction is the Houses of Parliament, otherwise known as the Palace of Westminster.
While you are in London, you will also want to see the Tower of London – take the guided tour to learn all of the interesting stories about this historic location.

London Museum Highlights

London is truly heaven for museum lovers and there are hundreds to choose from, such as the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the British Museum and more. The best part about many a London museum is that most of them are free, so they are a perfect activity for a budget traveller.
At the free British Museum you can see the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon and the impressive Ancient Egyptian collection. The Imperial War Museum is also quite interesting, as it tells the story of those who lived, fought and died in conflict ever since the First World War. The Victoria and Albert Museum is also a highlight, with a collection of beautiful artistic treasures and artefacts from around the world.

London for Harry Potter Lovers

If you are a Harry Potter fan, London will be a delight for you. Take the time to visit the Warner Bros Studio in London and take a Harry Potter tour. You can see the sets, animatronics, props and costumes of Harry Potter first hand and even be able to step inside the Great Hall and Dumbledore’s Office. There are also plenty of great walking tours that will take you around to the major Harry Potter film locations around London.

These are just a few of the great attractions that you can enjoy when visiting London.

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