Rome is not just a city on the river Tiber. The city Rome comes up in almost every chapter of the European history.
Rome goes by a great number of names, but the most interesting is the „mother of the civilization“, that gives the city its own flea. Rome is the best city to discover or just hike around if you are a fan of history. Whatever you see, it has an important historical name connected to it. The uniforms, that the Pope’s or Vatican soldiers, also known as the Swiss guard wear, were designed by Michelangelo himself.  And there are numerous other Michelangelo’s works around town.

If we believe the legend, the city of Rome was established in 753 BC, by the twins Romulus and Remus, but they had an argument shortly after and Romulus killed Remus. And if you get interested into the Roman history, you can also find a connection with the legendary Greek Troy. Rome was much more connected to Greece in the past than it is today.


History and Art

Rome has changed in the past, from a republic, a kingdom and they had great appetites for territories close and far away. Trojans empire in the years between 98 and 117 encompassed territories of the South and West Europe, the whole Balkan, little Asia and the coasts of the Northern Africa. On the other hand, other people pressured the Roman territories from all sites and the size of the country diminished until it got to the size that you can see now, the size of Italy and Rome as its capital.

Rome is so filled with history and art, that we can not name even a small part of all the art and the important buildings, that you can find in Rome. Piles of books were written on the topic, and you really need a lot of time, if you would like to see and enjoy Rome. You will also need a lot of patience, to cope with the rush hour and traffic, the noise and confusion that you will bump into on almost every step.

Masses of tourists get tired by watching the arts that you can find there. You need to decide how much art is enough for you so that you don’t get fed up by all the sightseeing. Be patient and discover the town in parts, get back in a year and find new parts of the town, that you haven’t discovered yet. And consider visiting Rome in the off-season, because it can be packed with tourists, that will destroy your Rome experience. Rome gets a lot of sun through the year, so you will enjoy it even when it is not packed with tourists.

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