Postojna cave

Postojna cave is most visited tourist attraction of Slovenia. Although Slovenia is planted with beauty of Karst, Postojna Cave is the greatest pearl.

Among more than 12.000 caves in Slovenia, the Postojna Cave is first one tourists choose to visit. But usually it is not the least one.

Postojna Cave lays next to Postojna town, only 50 kilometers form Slovenia capital – Ljubljana. Near Postojna Cave is Predjama Castle, where every year Erasmus knight tournament has it’s place. Lots of visitors likes to visit nearby Park of military history in Pivka, too.

Postojna Cave system consists of approximately 20 kilometers long underworld system, which places it among 100 longest underground complexes in the world. Where caves are not consistent among each other, the connection was made artificially. There is cca. 1.5 kilometer of man made passages.

Tourism in Postojna Cave started early in 19th century. It was electrically powered in 1884, before that tracks for cave carts were already laid. Later on Postojna Cave got first real cave train, which is transporting tourist from then on through kilometers of cave.

Proteus Anguinus

Postojna Cave annually receives more than half a million guests from around the world, where people can admire all wonders of nature, that mostly Pivka river has made through million of years.

Postojna Cave is also home for one of most interesting animal spices. Here lives endemic olm Proteus anguinus or so called human fish.

Exceptional creations of Mother Nature in the Postojna Cave are attractively presented, and visitors can admire cave stalactites and stalagmites, some of which are older than half a million years.

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