Discover the Beauty of Island Vir

Island Vir is an island that is part of the Zadar Archipelago’s 300 islands or one of the 1,186 islets and islands located in the Croatian Adriatic. 

Vir Island at a Glance 

The island lies in the Sea of Vir in the northwestern region of Dalmatia. This ranks on the 20th in the list of the largest islands of the Croatian Islands and 8th in Zadar Archipelago. This stretches for 10.12 kilometers long, a surface of 22.38 km with the widest part being 4.25 km.

The coast line of the island is 31.43 km long. Zadar and island Vir is 26 km away from each other and approximately 15 NM via sea route. Since 1976, a bridge spanning across the Shellows of Privlaka connects Vir to the mainland, allowing the island to be one of the mainland’s integral parts. 

A bridge spanning across the Shellows of Privlaka connects Vir to the mainland
Over Port bridge to the island Vir

The Climate 

Visitors of the island can take advantage of the mobility that the modern road network offers and at the same time, experience the island’s usual atmosphere.  Vir enjoys an authentic Mediterranean climate. There are 2,450 sunny hours annually on the island or around 300 days of wonderful sunshine, making it a wonderful destination outside the main season.

Island Vir, Croatia

The average rainfall amount is about 1,000 mm. It means that during summer, there is an average of 5 to 6 rainy days and this number is cut down by half during the region’s main season. 

Winds are considered as the most critical characteristic of the climate of Island Vir. Mistral occurs during spring, which is a refreshing and major wind during summer months that lowers the temperature of the season and creates best time to sail in Croatia and of course surfing.

In July, 25 ° C is the highest average temperature and the lowest is 6.5 ° C in January. The healthy climate has a significant impact on the life length and health of the island’s population. 

What to Expect at Island Vir 

Along the island’s coast are sandy and pebbly beaches partly located next to pine trees with the crystal clear water of the sea surrounding them. This makes the island an ideal getaway for family holidays. There is a very special area where the tiny island of Školjić is found, covered in a unique long sandy beach and pine trees. Školjić is located next to the bridge connecting the island to the mainland.

Island Vir, July 2017

Aside from swimming, sailing, surfing, jet skiing, as well as other exciting water sports, hiking buffs can also take in the panoramic view of the entire Vir, the Velebit mountain, and other nearby islands from the peak of the Bandira vantage point. This area is recommended to people who love to go on mountain hikes. 

The peloid mud is another quite interesting thing in the Island Vir. This is used for treating rheumatic diseases and is found at several beaches around the island, particularly those close to Sapavac bay near Kaštelina, the Venetian fortress. This is a must-visit spot for older visitors. If you love to go on picnics, Island Vir is also the best place for you, thanks to its Croatian Adriatic locaito and the nearness to national parks. Nin, the ancient royal town with the world’s smallest cathedral St. Cross is also located nearby as well as 3000-year old Zadar town dotted by numerous historical monuments.

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