Bled is a small town, located approximately 50 kilometres from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. It is true, that the whole Slovenia has only one island, but the Bled island is one of the most known islands around.
Bled is a picturesque little town in an even more picturesque surroundings. The lake that was formed trapped between high mountains, is visited by tourist throughout the year. You can cool of in the lake in the summer and in the winter, the town Bled and the Bled lake turn into a ice skating heaven.

History of Bled

Bled has a unique history and it was first founded more than 1000 years ago. It was already known  by the German emperor Henrik the 2nd, and was at that time managed by the Brixen bishop.

Although Bled was a place, mostly visited by pilgrims, all this changed in the 19th century, when it became known as a tourist place, mostly because of the thermal springs, that were found around Bled. Even more, Bled received the title as the “most beautiful SPA” of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was often visited by the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy.

Bled sightseeing

Every visitor is fascinated by the Bled lake and the Bled castle, but the most known tourist site is the small church on the island in the middle of the lake. You can sit back and relax in a boat that will take you to the island, or rent your own boat and row with the bare power of your hands. After you return to the mainland, you can also drive around the lake with a romantic coach.

While you enjoy the drive around the lake, or enjoy the beauty of the lake on a boat, you will be accompanied by ducks and beautiful white swans. Don’t forget to share your bread with them. After a great day at the lake, do not forget to visit one of the city’s pastry shop or a restaurant, and try a “kremna rezina”, a vanilla and custard cream cake, or a “Blejska grmada”, another local cake.

Bled will inspire you as your destination, or as a great starting point for a trip to the mountains. Relax at a game of golf, or test your luck in a casino. All throughout the year different congresses take place in Bled, and no one ever looks for an excuse not to go to bled. Bled is a unique place.

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