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Portofino, the jewel of the Ligurian

Portofino is the sort of place where you feel that you have to exaggerate the superlative. Even people who have travelled a lot speak with awe of this most swish of resorts on the Italian Riviera, an hour or so drive from Genoa.


Portofino’s small harbour on the Italian Riviera

Portofino’s small harbour on the Italian Riviera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Venice, the fairy town, filled with romance, floating on water. The city of love and eternal romance. It’s Venice!

120 islands and 400 bridges

The story tells, that Venice was founded by refugees, fleeing from the Huns army to the small islands. Around 120 islands is today linked with around 400 bridges. The islands are now separated with 170 canals, that you can enjoy with a boat, small cruise ship, but the biggest and most famous canal can be also used even by the biggest cruise ships. But you can only feel the real spirit of Venice, if you see it from a gondola, a special local rowing boat. Gondoliers, that will take you around Venice, dressed in traditional gowns and with a traditional smile on their face. If you are lucky, they will also sing for you and your company. Continue reading “Venice” »


vaticanRome is not just a city on the river Tiber. The city Rome comes up in almost every chapter of the European history.
Rome goes by a great number of names, but the most interesting is the „mother of the civilization“, that gives the city its own flea. Rome is the best city to discover or just hike around if you are a fan of history. Whatever you see, it has an important historical name connected to it. The uniforms, that the Pope’s or Vatican soldiers, also known as the Swiss guard wear, were designed by Michelangelo himself.  And there are numerous other Michelangelo’s works around town.

If we believe the legend, the city of Rome was established in 753 BC, by the twins Romulus and Remus, but they had an argument shortly after and Romulus killed Remus. And if you get interested into the Roman history, you can also find a connection with the legendary Greek Troy. Rome was much more connected to Greece in the past than it is today. Continue reading “Rome” »

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