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Try some canyoning on Bled before leaving the mountains

Did you ever go for a walk in the nature and saw some people doing things you would have never imagined they are available in the region? I’m sure that many people arriving to the Slovenian mountains do not think of adrenaline sports – unless we are talking about climbing. If you are a tourist and you go to the Slovenian mountains, chances are you will be staying in Bled or in Bohinj. I’m sure that canyoning Bled will not be the first thing you will be thinking about when you arrive there. But it is very popular and there are many people deciding to bring some thrill in their vacation. Continue reading “Try some canyoning on Bled before leaving the mountains” »

How to fund or finance your real estate deals in Montenegro

“How can I get funding for my deals?” This can be considered as the biggest issue faced by real estate dealers, who are looking forward to invest their money. The traditional funding methods are getting harder day by day, so it is important for all the real estate dealers to look for alternative funding sources. If you can get in touch with the top real estate agents in Montenegro, you will be able to get a basic understanding about how to fund your deals.

Owner financing can be defined as one of the most favorite financing options of real estate investors. It is also recommended to the investors by real estate agents in Montenegro . This method is usually associated with low market rates and it does not require any qualifications. However, this option might not be profitable in most of the cases because man homeowners are deep underwater on their home loans in the current market. The conventional mortgage loans have become extremely tough to get approved. The hard appraisals and higher credit requirements have played a major role behind the above mentioned fact. Because of this reason, many real estate investors are turning into transactional funding. If you don’t mind paying higher fees, jumping through hoops and holding onto a property for a long period of time, bank loans are there for you. The bank loan rates are much more interesting in the present market than they were few years back. However, people who deal with ipping and wholesaling housing will not find this as a convenient option because it is not in a position to deliver a high volume of sales, smooth closing and consistent profits.

Continue reading “How to fund or finance your real estate deals in Montenegro” »

How to See Melbourne in a Day

Unfortunately when you are travelling, you do not always have all the time in the world. Sometimes, you are on a very restrictive schedule and do not have much time for sightseeing. This, understandably, can be quite upsetting if you are in a place as gorgeous as Melbourne. There are so many sights to see and so many things to do. However, since you have to stick to a timed plan, you may have to take a rain check on a few places. This does not mean that your visit will be boring, nonetheless, there is still so much you can do. Here are some ideas: Continue reading “How to See Melbourne in a Day” »

Ljubljana hotel

Ljubljana is a mid-sized city located in Slovenia. It has about 280 000 inhabitants and cover an area of 270 square kilometers. It a capital city of Republic of Slovenia and also a political, economical, educational and cultural center.

Around the city you can find many fast growing towns which are actually used mostly for sleeping, people form this town mostly drive to work in Ljubljana everyday. There is not a lot of problems with traffic because Slovenia has well developed highway and railway systems.

Tourists are  attracted by famous sights like Tromostovje, Ljubljana Castle(Ljubljanski grad), Dragon bridge(Zmajski most). Prešeren square(Prešernov trg) and Tivoli Park, the largest green area in city established around 1800.

There are also many business guests who come in Slovenia to make business deals or to attend congresses. Congress tourism is one of the most successful parts in Slovenia’s tourism but there is a problem with lack of hotel rooms for bigger events.

Find the Ljubljana hotel or apartment Ljubljana.


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